Your Life Is Over

by Your Life Is Over

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released November 22, 2016

Adam Byrd - guitar/vocals
Anthony Farris - guitar/vocals
Ben Jones - drums
Alex Byrd - bass
All songs written by Your Life Is Over

Artwork by Jasmine Helena (
Recorded, Produced & guest vocals on “Makashi” by Adrian Tanner

Special thanks to Brandon Reed, Morgan McGaha, Ricky Martinez, Adrian Tanner, Joey Barone & Sasha Sushenko



all rights reserved


Your Life Is Over Las Vegas, Nevada

If you want to kill me you have to use the blue sword

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Track Name: Vaapad
I cannot give you the things you need
I cannot do what you've asked of me
I can't pretend to be anything
I'm not the same as I used to be

Something about the way your words hit
I still hear them like a lullaby
It's just the tune without the words now
But in the back of my mind I know them
Always know them
I know that both of us are jaded
So when you're next to me night after night
I'll keep on acting like I hate it
Because the truth is I'm just too careful
I'll be careful

The distance is closing between us
Track Name: Ataru
I'll take the long way home
Because that's where I'm alone
I'll send my eyes far away

I'll try not to regret
The things I told you when
You were all I had

Document the days
I've substituted love
For stifling pressure in my chest
Messages were sent
But no responses yet
What will spark an interest?
Track Name: Makashi
I feel as though slowly I'm losing my mind
Or maybe I've already lost it
Indifferent but far between moments
When no longer fearful
I burn liquid gold

So don't you put too much stock in someone like me
Because I can't make up my mind about anything

If I could just not feel anything
Keep floating between dreams
My ephemeral sleep
Helps me run from everything

If I could just not feel anything
Without it crashing back down on me
At the first light of the very next day
I might find who I'm meant to be

If I could just cast my fears away
If I could just curb the need to sway
With the backbeat of my uneven heart
I could stay, and stake my claim

But the sunrise in your eyes
Burns hole in my chest with ease
Confronted by what I could be
Reminding me of everything I can't keep
Swallowed by the sands at my feet
Caught by a current in the sea
Swept away by a gentle breeze
Motionless life arresting me

And I can't find any peace
Can't seem to find a way to breathe
Can't seem to find a path for me
Can't seem to find "somewhere green"
Track Name: Niman
This track is dedicated to Everett Lee Byrd (1931-2006)
Track Name: Djem So
I caught you taking pictures of grey skies
You caught me watching you in the twilight
There’s not much left of my sun
And I know that I should run

I reached for you but it’s clear that you don’t care
Coughing up blood, the red splatters the pale air
Yet I can see a design
It’s giving off subtle lies

It’s just a life anyway
It’s just the choices we make
The things we think we create

I’ll wait for you with my back at the door
Think of the flowers outside of your window
It’s just that uneasy feeling we get
To be taken apart and put together again
Some things don’t heal quite the same
Just have to live with the pain
I’ll have to rearrange
Track Name: Shii-Cho
I'd want to know what you act like
When you're alone in your car
I'd want to know why you're so scared
Of ever trying too hard
I'd want to know what you really think of me
The way that everyone else does
I'd want to know what your word's worth
I'd want to sleep in your bed

But you'd say it's all a waste
And you'd keep your distance
I know it's not the way
I never felt a thing
So I'll keep my distance just like you

I'd want to try it again now
I'd want to take off our clothes
I'd want to soak in the fact that
I'm not so fucking alone
I’d want to go to a place away from here
And talk about all our problems
I’d want to know if you’re hopeful
I’d want to see you up close

But you'd say it's all a waste
and you'd keep your distance
I know it's not the way
I never felt a thing
So I'll keep my distance just like you
Track Name: Soresu
Though she is not a familiar place
I've grown to feel I belong here
The greyish hour between night and day
Just like I've seen in my dreams
I'll find a way to you

I'll make a promise that I can't keep
I'll make a fool of myself and you
This is the only way I know how to be
I can but offer a simple sentiment

You never have to be alone
Though I know where I should be
Just say the word and I won't go

I like the way that you're not pretending 
To understand the way I'm acting
I like the way that you don't ask questions
That don't deserve a fucking answer